a creative and innovative approach towards holistic health with an emphasis on nutrient dense whole foods as a foundation towards physical and emotional healing

We believe that each person is uniquely different, with unique dietary needs based on childhood diets, stress level, family history, age, lifestyle and more. Everything we do is tailored to each individual desiring help and we purposefully don’t rely on self-denial or willpower, but rather seek to educate in a way that leaves room to modify and have fun. There are several different aspects of whole health, not just food, and we believe that when you come to us, you didn’t get to where you are overnight and we hope to help you relieve yourself from the pressure of feeling like you need to undo any behaviors overnight as well. We work with each person to see what’s behind the surface and then use nutrient dense whole foods and other stress management tools to create a specific plan that works for you. 

We desire whole health in every area of your life and we will work to help you unlock the thing(s) that may be holding you back and possibly even help you discover some of your deepest passions and greatest abilities that you never even knew were there. We believe that emotional roots can lead to physical illnesses and we seek to help you uncover that, if necessary, in order to really heal. Eating good food is not a restriction, it is a gift and once you eat good food you automatically start thinking clearer, feeling lighter and looking better than maybe ever in your life. Some of you may already know how to eat healthy and just need a person to walk beside you and help you overcome certain obstacles that in your way. We would love to be that person to walk with you, grow with you and watch you soar.


Hi y’all, I’m really glad you stopped by & I hope we get the chance to meet soon! 

I love nutrition and I L O V E chit chatting about it! I live in Houston Texas, but I grew up in small town Kentucky which makes me a southern girl through and through. I read just about anything I can get my hands on and I study everything that interests me. When I’m not with a client you can find me sweating in my HIIT Orange Theory class or nestled into a corner in a Juice Bar/Coffee Shop. I also love reading all the ingredients on the packaged goodies at whole foods.. so you might find me there too. I love dreaming and creating and if it’s the afternoon, I probably have a cappuccino in my hand too.

My personal nutrition journey has ebbed and flowed with the seasons of life, but what began my love of food started in my early twenties when I walked through a season of deep emotional healing and my nutritionist helped me see that nutrient dense whole foods can help to regulate emotions and steady the soul. Real food has impacted my holistic health journey in such a powerful way that I decided to become a nutritional therapist and I’m so thankful, I have never looked back. 

I would love for you to join me on this journey! 



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