Houston Coffee Shop Tour (Holiday Edition)

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So what is a coffee shop tour?

It’s exactly what it sounds like! My friends and I are revving up our second round, and calling it our holiday edition. Okay, so let me give you a little more details and context.

In 2016, I moved across town, along with a friend of mine who happened to also be moving in 2 blocks over, just a couple of days before I did. We had no idea when we signed our leases that we would be living so close to each other. Naturally, the first thing we both realized after figuring out we would be living so close to each other were the amount of coffee shops around our new neighborhood. We geeked out slightly at the thought of getting to try all of the (new to us) ones in our area. We got a little overwhelmed, so we decided to make a game out of it. I asked my friend if she would be up for a weekly coffee shop tour so that we could try them all out in one summer. (yes, there were that many around us.)

She said yes, so we did some googling and wrote down every single coffee shop within a 10 mile radius and decided we would meet every Friday morning at 7a before we both had to be at work.

Our first Friday out, I posted about it and said something about it being the first stop in our summer tour and a few people commented that they wanted to come the following week. We added them to a group text and the next week there were a few more people that joined. It was so fun.

Thursday nights quickly became so endearing because a few weeks in, we had several people on the group text that we gathered from Instagram and the first person to text out a random number was the person who blindly chose the coffee shop the next morning. I had the sheet of paper where we wrote out our initial list, so the corresponding number and coffee shop is where we ended up. We called it “coffee shop roulette.” Honestly, who knew you could have so much fun going to random coffee shops, and not knowing where you were going until the night before? I don’t know, but it’s one of my best Houston memories, to date.

Here are some takeaways from that sweet, sweet summer:

  1. Getting up on a Friday morning, before work, to be at a coffee shop by 7a was HARD. I dreaded my alarm clock just about every week, but once I was there I didn’t want to be anywhere else. It was such a fun time of adventure and community.

  2. Meeting new friends through “coffee shop roulette” and a few Instagram posts has to be one of the most random and sweetest way to meet new friends. We never quite knew who would show up, but each week was a different combo of sweet and amazing friends, old and new, and it was fun to get to be consistent with each other in that way.

  3. Trying out new places in your city, with intentionality, is SO FUN! Each week we would “ooh” and “ahh” over the different places, foods, coffee notes, atmospheres and then settle in to what quickly became our weekly Friday morning check-in.

  4. I loved that our conversations could be as surface as asking the person next to us where she got her cute shoes, to asking each other what’s really going on and being intentional about sharing our prayer requests and having one another actually follow up with us. It really was so neat.

  5. The pressure was always off. We never knew what the morning would hold, we just knew that if we showed up, we would be greatly blessed by starting our day with a slow cup of coffee and friends who are all hustling and bustling each day, but make time to sit out and show up.

I’m not sure if you noticed my theme, but I cannot tell you how much I value the concept of showing up. In every way, in ever context. Consistency, vulnerability, and connectedness are all things we long for, but sometimes have a hard time seeing it through. This little random coffee shop tour that began with 2 friends just wanting to explore, turned into several gals at the end of the summer laughing, eating, coffee-ing, chatting and just breathing. It quickly became something so unexpectedly significant.

Surprise! (Okay, not so surprise . . . ) We have decided to revive the coffee shop tour and this time it is going to be a holiday edition! Every Friday morning at 7a my friends and I are going to go to a new coffee shop to adventure, explore and cheers each other into a new weekend. Be on the lookout for weekly reviews because I want you to be able to explore these places, too, when you are visiting Houston!

To kick it off, we went to BLKDOG Coffee today and here are some pics! It’s such a cute place and you have to check it out! It’s a great place for studying, nestled into a quaint little shopping center in Houston’s Chinatown District. I had their drip coffee (surprise, surprise) and we stayed so long working on stuff, that I also ordered some hot tea. Both were delicious and the baristas were so delightful!

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