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When I first approached Mere to talk about nutrition I felt overwhelmed and defeated. What I remember most about our first meeting is that I left feeling hopeful and reminded to give myself grace. Mere helped me make goals and find a place to start but the most valuable thing she has given me is encouragement and support. Eating real food and pursuing a healthy lifestyle is about so much more than what is on your plate and Mere has helped me identify the real reasons why I want to fight for health. When I become frustrated, she reminds me to keep it simple and to remember that learning to pursue health is a lifelong process. We all need people to cheer us on towards our goals and Mere is one of the best cheerleaders I know.
— Ashley Kiker

I initially approached Meredyth with the intent to lose weight and the potential of being put on some additional medication by my doctor that I wanted to avoid. I hit my 40’s and found myself hitting the unwanted midlife metabolism slow down and weight gain along with having a cycle of thyroid readings that were considered boarder line. I began a work-out routine, but lost weight at a very slow pace. I felt like I was mindful of what I was eating, but nothing was working. A high fat, low carb diet worked for me in the past but I lacked accountability and needed some insight into my overall health. As I began working with Meredyth she helped me realize that my total health – mind, body and soul – must align to achieve the results I was looking for. Meredyth walked alongside me, guiding me through my health accomplishments instead of just a temporary fix. Now, I look at my food as a choice and my body as a vessel that is my responsibility to manage and maintain. I appreciate my body for the machine it is that supports me in all other capacities of my life. I am able to think more clearly, manage stress better and enjoy my day-to-day life because of the help I received from Meredyth. Meredyth continues to journey through this process with me and is my biggest encourager when I’m struggling to make better choices for my body and reminds me of my personal goals. I appreciate that Meredyth has empowered me to take charge of my health so that I am the best mom, employee and individual I can be.
— Dana Haddad

Meredyth is passionate, knowledgeable, compassionate, and kind. She has made such a huge impact in my life and on my health, by equipping me with knowledge and encouragement to take my health into my own hands.
— Mikela Parker


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