below you will find an overview of the different ways we can work together

NO. 01


4 week JOURNEY

This is for people who are a little more seasoned in their education of healthy eating + living and just need a person to assess where they are, help hold them accountable for 4 weeks and jump start them on their own nutritional journey.

NO. 02


8 week JOURNEY

This is for people who are ready to learn more about nutrition and healthy living and are needing someone to walk this path with them. This one includes a little more face time for those who feel they need just a little extra help!

NO. 03


12 week JOURNEY

We will journey closely together for 12 weeks in order to accomplish your desired goals in the time that we have. This is for people who are just beginning to learn about nutrition and healthy living and need help in the learning and the know-how. These are the people who are desiring noticeable results after possibly trying diet after diet and not seeing any change. 12 weeks is a good time frame to really start your body, physically, mentally and emotionally into a lifestyle of healthy living that can last forever.

NO. 04


6 - 12 month JOURNEY

This is for people who are overwhelmed and really passionate about seeking true change. This is for the person who is serious about her goals and willing to do whatever it takes to get there. This is the person who has maybe been discouraged in her past about ever finding hope to see changes and results. This person will receive more intimate one on one help from me for a longer period of time and that is why I only have a limited number of spaces. I can guarantee this will be one of the most impactful years of your life!

additional offerings


journey length varies

Don't need a package, but interested in alternate resources and/or more condensed one on one consultations? Check these out!

additional offerings


journey length varies

Interested in learning more in a classroom/workshop setting with your friends? Check out the ways in which you can do just that!


that will help you decide which package is right for you